Special Offer

For high school students and younger.

Sky Loft supports high school students and younger individuals who aspire to see California. Please note that individuals under the age of 18 are typically not allowed to stay alone at hotels in the U.S.. High school students who are eager to explore the USA are encouraged to choose Sky Loft! For those under 15 years old, there may be significant restrictions on independent activities. Therefore, please contact us before purchasing your flight tickets.

For stays involving only high school students or younger, we kindly request the following in addition to the regular booking:

1: Please ensure that you are always reachable online during your stay.
2: Provide the contact information of a guardian at the time of booking.
3: Let us know your location and planned return time for the evening around 7:00 pm every night.

If guardians have any concerns, we offer the option of email correspondence or online meetings before your arrival. Please feel free to contact us!